Heat, moisture and dust with summer hair playing spoilsport, extra dose of nutrition that they need! To help solve the problem, conditioning is important to avoid dull and dry Tresses, experts say.

Thermal Raj, CEO and founder of Advanced Beauty Cosmetics Clinic, emphasized the importance of conditioning dull, summed up some tips to avoid dry hair. Besides eating the right foods and drink plenty of water is crucial to promote hair growth, he points out.

Here are a few tips.
Regular hair washing: combined with sweat and dust pollution scalp, hair fall, which tend to accumulate on the results. A shampoo to your scalp will be removed, select the right amount of oil. Wash hair with a mild shampoo and a good conditioner to your hair from drying out and splitting frequently to stop reading.
Deep Conditioner: Summer heat can wreak havoc with your hair and leave it dull and dry. This scenario becomes imperative conditioner.


Oil your hair regularly to revitalize hair dull and dry strands. A little oil on the scalp helps to stimulate blood flow and relieves stress. You wash look for a thin thread on the post can apply some butter. For making an effective conditioner at home is a simple hack that rinsing your hair with apple cider mix.

Eat and drink: It’s as green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit salad as a healthy diet is advisable to consume the summer to improve the condition of your hair. This season, less water may be dehydration. This will not only damage your skin but will lead to hair loss and dry scalp. Drink plenty of water and eat the right foods to promote hair growth.

Use a scarf: Tresses to protect it from heat, cover their heads with a cotton scarf is essential. The soil, air pollution, and will protect your hair.

Cropping or keep it short: sweltering heat to escape from the humid climate, it is advisable to trim them to keep your hair short. No dry or split ends of your hair trimmed once a month that may have occurred in the summer to remove. Cutting short Tresses low maintenance, which is thicker hair, should be very mean.