Rheumatoid Arthritis is defined as the autoimmune disease and it badly affects patient’s immune system. Immune system plays a very important role because it protects our body from antigens (foreign particles such as viruses and bacteria). There are tissues present inside the joints known as synovium which gets affected and causes inflammation and pain. Synovium is also responsible for building up fluid that lubricates our joints and aids in movement. Inflammation can hurt cartilage (elastin tissue). It covers the bones end in a joint.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Women: – Case Study and Researches

According to the researches women’s are more prone to develop RA as compared to men. Researchers have found that RA reported many symptoms in women and these indications were also severe although they were having the similar level as men. They also not responded to the treatment which was given to both the genders. The reason is still unknown.  Women’s suffering from fibromyalgia also suffers from worse symptoms.


Hormones role and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hormones play a very major role in how women and men develop RA. Some women’s develop this painful suffering when there is a flux in sex hormones, such as at the time of menopause and pregnancy. RH is improved at the time of pregnancy and might blaze again after the delivery. Breastfeeding mothers are less prone to develop RA. According to a study a women breastfeeding her child for two years cut down the rate of RH in half. At present doctors are treating RA similarly in both males and females. But as we are learning more and more about the role of hormones and some other major aspects, scientists might create separate treatment for women’s.

Causes: It’s unfortunate because the cause of RA is still a mystery, although doctors are aware of the fact that it might occur due to immune system abnormal response. Immune system as discussed earlier plays a major role in occurrence of joint damage and inflammation. No scientists or doctors know why immune system acts this way, but there are certain scientific evidences that say; environmental factors, hormones and genes are definitely involved. Some researchers also believe that infection with virus and bacteria can also trigger RA development in those who are genetically vulnerable. But till date no organism or infection has been acknowledged for its cause.


Because the cause is unknown there is no particular cure for RA. The main objective of the treatment here is to reduce joint pain and inflammation, prevent destruction of joints, maximize function of joints and prevent deformity in the patients. Optimal Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment involves certain combination of strengthening exercise of joints, exercise, education; rest etc. treatment in patients is customized according to several factors such as age, general health, activity and occupation.

Note: – Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment success chances are increased when there is close collaboration between the patient, doctor and family.


There are two medication classes which has use in treating RA:

Fast acting – fist line drugs ( cortisone & aspirin) reduce inflammation and pain

Slow acting- second line drugs  also known as DMARDs (  trexall, rheumatrex & methotrexate)

Care:  There are plenty of things which patients can do to manage arthritis. Over time it can also become easier and patients also learn to modify daunting tasks and pace. There are specific equipments available such as gadgets and splints which can make your everyday routines simple and pain free. You can get aid from occupational therapist as he or she will advise you in how to make the efficient use of joints without increasing the chances of further damage. Physiotherapist can also guide you about the exercise which is ideal for your muscles and joints.  These exercises will make your joints and muscles strong to retain good movements. There are self management Rheumatoid Arthritis programs also designed by specialized doctors. These programs can teach you about the skills to live your life fullest.


Patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis should include trout, mackerel, tuna, salmon fish in their diets. There is omega-3 fatty acid present in the fish oil which reduces inflammation. According to the studies fish oil can highly tender your joints and also ease stiffness which patients suffer in the morning. Including fish in the diet can also reduce your conventional medications consumption. Increase vegetables, fruits and wholegrain to get more fiber. Fiber also reduces CRP (C-reactive protein) in blood. Frozen and fresh fruits like strawberries   can benefit in reducing CRP levels. Extra virgin olive oil is also beneficial in reducing inflammation.


Though the cure and effective treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis is still to come there are a variety of medications, treatments and even diets available to tackle symptoms of RA. The best approach to live a healthy and pain free life is to improve lifestyle and follow your doctor’s recommendation.