Healthy Pancake Recipe

Nutracheck- the UK ‘s largest online food diary and calorie counter – in which a low- fat pancake recipe serves 10 people , and (1.8g fat ) is only 68 calories per serving .
Enjoy your .


  1. Combine a little bit of milk and a jug of water .
  2. Sift the flour into a bowl and a healthy middle . Break 2 eggs into it . Combine flour, eggs, whisking as you have now .
  3. Slowly , still whisking, add the milk and mix until all the liquid has been added to the water and you have a smooth batter is formed .
  4. fry until hot , with a light spray of 2-3 Heat a frying pan over high heat . Put 2 tablespoons batter into a ladle and add to the pan in the center . 5. Check the loose ends ( about 20 seconds) has solidified into the batter and then slice with a pan , turn the pancake over and cook for a few more seconds .6. Remove from the pan onto a warm plate . Serve with a topping of your choice – just add extra calories !