Daily exercise.

You brush your teeth every day; Exercise is equally important to your daily routine. Turn off the TV or computer, and get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

To work in your heart, it’s got to be aerobic exercise. Walking, jogging, biking, rowing machine, elliptical machine, swimming: you’ve got plenty of options. But it seems like you do not have to be an athlete. Walking is great exercise. 10 minutes a day to get there. It all counts.


The corner of the parking lot, some simple, start with the parking – the extra step to ensure you get the door. Take the elevator instead of one or two flights of stairs. If you take public transportation, get off one stop early and walk the rest. To walk out at lunch. After working with your spouse or your significant other or walk. Relaxation and stress reduction – you will receive a bonus.

Weight loss.

Excessive body weight puts your health at great risk. When you take in more calories than you burn, you get fat – it’s that simple. You’ve got to eat less. You’ve got to do more exercise. You’ve got to push yourself to make these lifestyle changes – but you do it to help heart disease, diabetes, stroke-like’ve got to avoid serious health problems.

Regular physical examination.

Tell your doctor your family medical history. Your personal risk, and you need to check out screening. Cervical cancer, breast cancer and Pap tests for women to have mammograms screen. PSA test for prostate cancer in men can be. Routine screening for correctable cancer should start at age 50, just before the colon cancer runs in your family. You can also regularly diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Depending on your age, flu and pneumonia shots may be required.