Skin care is something that everyone wants to maintain tactfully. So, here I come with the ultimate morning skin care routine for every day. No need to get messed up with a difficult stuff. What you need to do is just to prepare yourself for a simple and perfect skin care routine. The after bed routine to your skin is probably the best to follow. So, just go through the simple  5 steps:


The conscious one already knows that early morning exercise is the most important health essential but is u aware that is simultaneously important for your skin too? The early morning exercise reduces your stress, increases your heart rate and ensures proper blood circulation which ultimately results in a glowing and healthy skin.

Leaving coffee as the first job just get used in drinking minimum 2 glasses of water. Sufficient intake of water will remove the dullness and dryness of your skin and will save you from dehydration of course!  Hydrating in the morning first will lead your skin to the ultimate desired result.



Well, the two vital things to your skin are cleansing and exfoliating. You got to clean your skin every morning after you get up from bed to remove the bacteria and last night residues and so on. You can go for an oil based cleanser for cleansing and wash it with Luke warm water and let it pat dry.

You can easily get rid out of your puffy face by exfoliating your skin every morning. Hey , don’t worry you don’t need to go for expensive exfoliating  skin stuff. You can just go through a simple cotton ball and gently exfoliate your skin .

Cleanse again and use toner:  SKIN CARE

This time while cleaning you are going to use a cream cleanser as because you don’t want to keep any post exfoliating dead skin right? Use the cream cleanser in circular movement gently and after a while wash it with  lukewarm water and pat dry or you can use a soft towel or tissue.

Now let’s come to balancing. Now use a toner to balance your skin. If you have an oily skin or acne prone skin  then toner is always a good choice. Toner will definitely soothe your skin.


As serums are highly concentrated than other moisturizers it is definitely better for your skin  if you want your skin to lighten, vanish wrinkles, sun damages go for serums.  Just pump up to or three drops of serum into your palm and gently apply to your skin.

While you are aware of skin care never leave  sunscreen. The damages caused by the sun can ultimately harm your skin. You should go for SPF15 minimum and if it is 30 or over then it is great!


Finally get back to your moisturizer! If you have already used moisturizer as sunscreen then you can skip this step. And if you haven’t then go for the regular moisturizer. In the end use a primer to cover your uneven or fine lines and cover your pores also.

So, here I finish the ultimate morning skin care routine!  Go through the 5 simple steps to get a better result and reenergize your skin with the ultimate morning skin care routine.